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Just a few comments from some of our patients: -

“Thank you so much for my report, I purchased the over the counter creams the next day, I think the main thing from your report was that I was not applying the creams correctly, a week after following your instructions and I can see a massive improvement already, Ive struggled for years before this!”
G.Barlow - by email

“Thank you for offering such a wonderful service. It is extremely useful especially for expats like me where healthcare advice is questionable at best and malpractice at worse :) Keep it up and spread the word and If I have time to make it up north I will definitely visit in person. Bye :) .”
RH- by email

“Just wanted to send an email and thank you. The medication combination has worked wonders in less than a month, it's the first time I've had clear skin in years. Even my rosacea has disappeared! Thanks once again!.”
David - by email

“I have spoken to the GP and they are prescribing me the medication you recommended me I am so pleased I found your website, as I couldn't get another appointment with the Dr. For another two weeks, but the Dr. was happy to do it over the phone, because of your report, can't thank you enough! I have already been talking about your website and would happily recommend you to everyone I know! Kind regards”
S O - by email

“Many thanks for your speedy response and informative report. An excellent service and one which I will have no hesitation in recommending to other people. Kind regards”
J.S.T - online

“Dr Ashworth was very good in explaining everything and was very quick in his responses. I would certainly recommend him and his online service, he has re assured me and put my mind at peace.”
K.H - by Email

“A really big thank you for your comprehensive letter(report)following my request for help via your online service. It was refreshing for someone to acknowledge that my circumstances can be a little bit difficult and challenging to manage.”

“I do hope that your service continues to grow and be a success. I do think that it definitely fills the gap in providing a service which is affordable and easy to access - with excellent advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service.”
J E - by Email

“Thank you very much for the report which I found good value, tremendously helpful and I will certainly recommend to others.”
C.H - email

“Your whole website is excellent and the content is exactly what people need for guidance, especially those ex-pats like me who are fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough!) to be away from immediate access to reliable medical attention.”
JL - by email

“I think your service is a great idea and gave me the confidence that I wasn't making a fuss over nothing if I asked my GP to refer me.”
S.B by email

“Thank you so much for this information, at last I have information that actually makes sense. Just like to say I am really impressed with the service you are offering. When I went to see a dermatologist at the Hospital, there was a nurse taking pictures to send to the dermatologist anyway, so I never saw the consultant then and I had no explanation of what it 'could be' or likely to be so I am more than happy with this report and fee.”

“Thank you for your report. I congratulate you on your project and am sure that your service will be most welcome by many people. I simply looked on the internet when the earliest available appointment with my GP Practice was for mid April and am glad I found you web pages. Kind Regards”
JI, by email

“Thank you so much for my prompt and thorough assessment! It gave me lots of ideas and encouraged me to look more carefully into potential external causes. After a week of looking very carefully at everything I was in contact with I realised my hands react to the cosmetics I use to treat acne. I also noticed that in my sleep I tend to slide my hands between my face and the pillow. The rash on my eyelid has nearly disappeared, and my hands are much calmer now. Thanks again for your help, really appreciated! All the best,”
D. by email

“Thank you for the consultation, which has left me fully informed, and much reassured about my condition. yours sincerely”

“Will gladly recommend your clinic as I had such a great result on the pigmentation marks at the Alex (hospital) all those years ago.”

“Thank you for your help and advice given. I am already feeling some benefit from the treatment and look forward to managing my skin condition. your sincerely”

“Dr Ashworth has been my Consultant Dermatologist for over 10 years and during this time has dealt with my difficult problem expertly and professionally both through the NHS system and also as a private patient.”

“Could you please say thank you to Dr Ashworth for me for his quick reply using your online consultation, his reply was very helpful.”
S.H - online -Lancashire. UK

“Whilst in medical terms, mine was a minor problem, the speedy and efficient care did much to alleviate my concerns and worries.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your advice and I am pleased to inform you that the condition is clearing up very nicely. Thank you once again.”

  • Consultant Dermatologist
    Dr. John Ashworth