Online Consultation

Online Consultations are available via our website

If you need an expert opinion on your skin problem, you can access the online consultation facility via our website. Dr Ashworth reports back to you via an email report usually within 24 hours. The fee is only €50. You can reach this facility via this link, and we explain more about the consultation in these instructions.


PSORIASIS: scattered, like on this picture (often following a sore throat infection) is tricky to treat with conventional creams. Sometimes this problem will fade away as the viral infection fades - other patients find it turns into persistent psoriasis and need specialist advice. check out psoriasis on my website.

People with multiple moles should keep photo records of their skin

If you or a member of your family have multiple moles, a good idea is to have an photographic and accurate record of these so that you can track any changes to a mole in the future. A professional digital mole screening is an excellent service although a good home record can be achieved with a basic camera. Dr Ashworth gives some tips in this video

Lip Lick Dermatitis – Childrens Faces

This month I am showing you a very common problem which often causes a lot of confusion and concern. The problem is exaggerated and often entirely confined to the skin immediately adjacent to the lips or extending to a distance of about 1.5 cm. Often the child has lots of treatment creams from the GP, sometimes with increasingly strong steroids and usually without a very good response This condition is often referred to as LICK LIP DERMATITIS  – and it is a habit disease caused by the child’s saliva burning in irritating the skin around the lips – it is then accentuated by the child licking the lips to suppress irritation but in fact making the situation worse. Often the child and sometimes the parents, completely deny that this is possible and that they do not observe their child performing this habit. Under these circumstances it is almost certain that saliva contamination overnight whilst asleep in bed is the culprit. The problem usually completely resolves by – firstly alerting the child to licking the lips if that is present – secondly overnight whilst the child is asleep applying a thick coat of protective cream around the lips to act as a barrier – SUDOCREM  or something similar is usually very effective and has the same protective action as it would  for your irritation in a child’s nappy.